Party will keep NHS free

THERE has been much said recently with regard to my Sky interview and so far as I am concerned perception is everything. There are Labour supporters who choose to be negative and attack what I had to say and there are those who have been complimentary and

I have also received e-mails from different parts of the country with a similar message.  What did take me by surprise me was the fierceness of the questioning from Kay Burley, but I am new to the political world, it was my first interview of this type, and I learned much. To set the record straight, I did not say immigration was the cause of all Rotherham ills but it is certainly a contributory factor. The effects are felt far beyond the wards where these people have been concentrated often into substandard accommodation.

Why do I say this?

Late last year Rachel Reeves suddenly discovered that immigration has caused damage to the lives of the very people Labour were founded to support. Ed Miliband also attacked the PM for missing his net migration target and in late November, said he would act to stop migrants coming in and undercutting wages, due to immigrants getting tax credit top ups to supplement their income.

Yvette Cooper on November 18 called for “action to control the unfair impact of immigration — especially on low skilled jobs and wages”. Andy Burnham, following the Heywood and Middleton by-election, said “Labour need to listen and act on the negative effect that mass immigration has had on the working class” and of course Labour has apologised numerous times for their mistake but has no real solution to offer those whose lives they have blighted.

In the space of a couple of years, Labour has gone from screeching racist at anyone who would mention the issue to saying it's a massive issue. It’s almost as if there’s an election is coming up.

Labour is suddenly proposing an additional number of border staff, but this will have no effect on the freedom of movement from the EU.  Early last year Angela Merkel stood in Downing Street in front of Miliband, Cameron and Clegg and made it perfectly clear that anyone seeking a fundamental change in EU policy would be disappointed. Labour makes a point about the benefits of immigration from around the world and we don’t disagree, but it is morally indefensible to prevent entry to those who can benefit this country while allowing uncontrolled entry from those within the EU.

Now I must move on to Sir Kevin Barron who now suggests Nigel Farage believes in privatising the NHS and charging people for health insurance. This comes from a man where Labour Lords Warner and Winston have both advocated charging for access to GPs and hospital visits. Let me also bring to his attention Hinchingbrooke NHS trust where the privatisation process was begun by Labour and pushed forward by Andy Burnham the current shadow Health Secretary. Interestingly, the statement from John McTernan chief of staff to Jim Murphy Scottish Labour leader, that appeared in the Times August 1 says “Labour is committed to £20 billion of cuts if elected. Labour doesn’t get it. Privatisation is good for the NHS.”

So to be sure to remember — it was Labour who began the privatisation process that they are now trying to divest to others. Finally I must mention the crisis now engulfing the NHS in Wales, which in the papers today, is being compared the Mid Staffs debacle, thus Labour cannot even claim to have learned from past mistakes.

UKIP’s policy is clear — the NHS remains free at the point of delivery for UK citizens while new entrants to the UK will be required to provide health insurance.  

Allen Cowles, Cllr Sitwell Ward and PPC Rother Valley