ParkesLife: Daybreak? Not my cup of tea!

I DON’T really get time to watch television in a morning, I’m usually dashing about juggling my straighteners with a slice of toast.

I try and catch the local news on BBC Breakfast (so I can steal a few stories) but apart from that I’m pretty much a hopeless blob before 9am.

Last week however, a new breakfast TV phenomenon called Daybreak entered our lives with the annoyingly addictive Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley.

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I could not help myself, I had to tune in, just to see what Mrs Frank Lampard was wearing, if nothing else.

To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed as it seemed to offer nothing more than the usual correspondents with important sounding titles, the customary attractive weather girl and a glamorous news reader.

And I was surprised to see veteran Kate Garraway introduced as the ‘entertainment editor’, no offence to the woman-I actually quite like her-but she’s not really cutting edge when it comes to the current showbiz scene.

But I was pleased to see her and will give Kate and the team at Daybreak a chance after all I quite like Chiles and Bleakley and haven’t really tuned in properly yet so my opinion doesn’t really count.

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I do a feel guilty about Sian and Bill on the other channel though as it’s almost as if I am cheating on them.

In the end, their conservative, serious journalism approach will probably keep me as a viewer but I do like a bit of glamour in the morning, especially as I am anything but.

Putting it all into perspective though, no one will ever be Richard and Judy. Now that pair are legends and although their This Morning heyday is decades ago, to me they will always be the first Lord and Lady of daytime TV.

I have to say, when it’s my Friday off, I do enjoy another husband and wife combo- Eamon and Ruth Holmes. They are pretty feisty but show real affection for each other which is lovely to watch.

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There is one other couple that I feel would make superb light entertainment hosts - that’s a certain Mr and Mrs Westby.

You may not have heard of them but with boots full of banter and gentle comedy in their genes, they are the ones to watch.