Only businessmen would benefit under UKIP

AS a northerner by birth who has worked abroad and now lives in the south I am fascinated by the issue of the election results in Rotherham favouring UKIP at the time of the child adoption scandal. It has clearly caused on-going controversy judging by your

The problem I have with UKIP is that by wanting us to withdraw from Europe they will continue to allow capital to move but not allow workers to follow. This was illustrated recently near me when the Cadbury factory closed and jobs moved to Poland. Within the EU, workers can follow the money but outside the EU the money will disappear from our grasp.

I learnt a lot from working in Denmark for 15 months. I am sure the same problems applied to the decisions about the sweet factories in York. When they refer to our national prosperity in the future under a UKIP government it will be prosperity for the businessmen and investors who can move their money to Poland or Greece for cheaper labour. It will do nothing for workers.

I should say as a Green Party member I have no axe to grind here since there was no Green candidate, I will just vote for whoever looks after our lovely planet.


Nick Hales, Uphill Drive, Bath