One law for rich, another for poor

Sir, I am not a football fan and have never watched Big Brother in my life, but even I knew last week, in spite of a super injunction, who had allegedly had an affair with whom.

Given the fact that I had never heard of either of them before, this is ridiculous. Frankly I do not care, one way or the other, because it is not in my interest as a member of the public, but it does raise an interesting point. If you have fifty grand to pay for a gagging order in the courts, then fine, but what about the humans rights of those who don't?

It appears there is one law for the rich and another for the poor. Surely the best way to avoid public scandal is to behave yourself and leave the media free to comment on it if you don't!

Rod Bramall, 14 Glebe Road Swinton Mexborough.

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