NUT has seen light and voted for strike action

Sir—At last the NUT have finally seen the light and voted for strike action regarding regional pay, attack on pensions and Labour’s free school policy.

The penny has dropped regarding free market education. Unions are not welcome in free markets, now 50 per cent of secondary schools are out of local authority control.

If you have one GCSE you can teach in a free school as long as your willing to work for the minimum wage.

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The teaching unions have asked the Labour Party to support their actions and issues. Fat chance of that happening. Why would the party who created this policy make a U-turn on it?

The sooner the unions in every sector stop funding the Labour Party the sooner the

Labour Party will stop trying to out-Tory the Tories and start representing the working man again.

Public sector workers’ pay and conditions are under full weight attack from all sides—Tories, LibDems and Labour.

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National agreements have been rode roughshod over by all three mainstream parties.

Closer to home look at Roger Stone. He's just announced 200 public sector job loses in Rotherham. All the Labour councillors in the chamber have nodded it through with very little opposition.

Unelected civil servants are running the show at RMBC with seven executives making all the decisions.

Has the Council Tax been reduced for Rotherham? No, so RMBC want less services for the same money, 200 less people to pay but no reduction in Council Tax.

Kimber and crew are taking the mickey out of the people of Rotherham. Vote Labour if you want more of the same.


Michael Conlon, School Walk, Maltby.