Not long now to the big day...

Well one month into my life as a 30-something and I’m actually quite enjoying it.

Having recently moved from a yuppie flat into a grown-up house, I’m loving the benefits of a garden, a washing line and my own drive way. You know what they say, small things please small minds and all that.

The weather has been a right bonus and I’ve even had the factor 20 out, what with my pasty complexion and all that. At this rate I won’t need a fake tan as I approach the big day.

Speaking of the big day, there are just 15 weeks to go now and our spare room is piled high with boxes full of ribbons, stationary, accessories and magazines, not to mention the clusters of ‘to-do’ lists.

I just can’t believe how much there is still to do and I get quite anxious whenever I look at the things left to sort out. It’s amazing some of the finer details that need considering like collecting the button holes and a suitable breakfast menu. Ooh I’m sweating just thinking about it.

One thing that is keeping me stress free, is exercise. I’ve done a couple of really great classes recently - body combat and body pump and am hoping to make Yoga tomorrow night.

I can’t believe up until just one year ago, I never did regular exercise and I certainly didn’t watch what I ate.

You can’t beat the buzz that you get from a work out and feeling the burn the next day is as much part a of the thrill.

I’m hoping to step it up a gear in these final months so I’ll let you know how I get on and whether I ever manage to wave goodbye to my wobbly bits.

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