No IT department at the council?

I DID not know whether to laugh or cry at Cllr Hoddinott’s “I do not know nuthin” comments on old computers.

First of all I understand that it is difficult to give them away because of Microsoft licensing issues and getting people to understand they may have to upgrade at their own cost.

However, I would have though the council had an IT department of its own with someone with brains in charge.

I have just sold a laptop on the internet to a specialist company, and not for the first time.

I am not a professor so if I can do it so can an expert.

To get some taxpayers money back all they need is a contract with a reseller. They will take all and either use parts for other computers or refurbish and sell on to retailers of used computers.

I suspect they cannot be bothered to get one of their IT staff or their purchase and supply department to deal with it.

How hard can it be and licensing issues will not apply as under DPA the computers will be wiped of everything by the contract buyer if not already done?

Of course Ms Hoddinott, it’s only taxpayers money, why should you worry?

Good gracious me, another airhead in charge.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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