New Labour lies

Sir, In response to Mr Platts' letter, may I say I was referring to MPs expenses when I mentioned benefit cheats.

And yes, I was referring to the stupid in supporting the BNP.

New Labour lied to us Mr Platt and opened the floodgates for mass immigration which gave rise to the BNP.

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The BNP never had a single vote in mMaltby before new Labour arrived. Now we have an Irishman representing the BNP.

Also when I cast my vote at the local elections (Maltby Town Council). I have full confidence the elected councillor will, to the best of their ability represent Maltby. So I don't need to go to the town council heckling, I can read the minutes and keep up to date with whats going on in Maltby.

I look forward to standing against you at the next election Mr Platt, but will you enlighten maltby whose banner you will be flying? BNP? New Labour? Ted Millwards independents?

Michael James Conlon, School Walk, Maltby.

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