Nationalise utility companies

Despite repeated attempt by sceptics to play down anthropogenic climate change, the UK government, nevertheless, is committed to many agreements and has published many papers outlining its own emission reduction targets, recycling targets, renewable energy

Regardless of how inadequate these strategies and targets are, the commitments are, at least, a reality.

Given the nature of climate change, that it will affect every species on earth, we should all be highly concerned that the implementation of any strategy to counter anthropogenic climate change is effective, and scrutinise closely any project that claims to be a part of the solution.

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In Rotherham, it is important to pay very close attention to Sterecycle, a private company which “is processing "black-bag" waste from 3 local authorities under a contract for up to 10 years: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council”

It should concern us that our councils are at the mercy of a private, profit-oriented company who are given the responsibility of taking important – AND NECESSARY – steps to tackle major public health and environmental issues.

It should concern us that this company is backed by Goldman Sachs – the very epitome of capitalist recklessness and the ‘too big to fail’ architect of the destruction of millions, if not billions, of lives.

Along with the development by private companies of Penny Hill windfarm (which should be considered against the government’s refusal to nationalise the Vista wind turbine factory on the Isle of Wight last year) and the complete lack of any renewable energy plan in the scam that is Rotherham Renaissance (the shambolic ‘regeneration’ plan for Rotherham town centre), it should be realised that our long-term stability, security and prosperity is being compromised in favour of short-term, private gains.

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What is needed, and what should be demanded, is the nationalisation of all utility companies and massive state research and development into renewable energy sources.

Chris Bingham, Socialist Party, Rotherham Branch