MPs and 'sensible' claims

Election time must be here again as the brightly coloured leaflets from people we’ve never hear of start pouring through the letterbox, and our local MP comes out of hibernation. I was especially intrigued by the leaflets received from Kevin Barron who, fo

Dear Sir,

It sounds a bit like ‘reasonable force’, and nobody knows what that means either. Surely, if he wants to be open and honest, he could be specific, or is that too much to ask of a politician?

Congratulations are due to him, however, as he points out that he has not had to pay any money back.

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This means that items such as the two cameras for which he claimed £1,300 on expenses are deemed to be essential to his work as an MP and, presumably, sensible – and who are we to disagree?

We would all, I’m sure, agree with his statement that the claims made by some MPs have been outrageous.

What concerns me however, is why he didn’t do something about it before the press exposed the whole corrupt system. After all, as he points out in his leaflet, he is a member of the Standards and Privileges Committee.

For most of us, of course, this would not make sense as the ever increasing mortgage payments would have to come out of our own pockets. Finally, my thanks to Kevin for his written promise that he will continue to back local businesses – businesses like the company in Essex that printed his leaflets.

Yours faithfully Brendan Power

31 Maple Avenue Maltby Rotherham.

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