More Labour lies

HAVING read the flyer sent out by Kevin Barron of Labour, when is the Labour party going to stop sending out such drivel to the people of Rotherham?

UKIP is going to do this and that regarding the NHS, namely privatisation. How often must Nigel Farage appear on national television and publicly deny this?

The Labour Party are panic stricken as to UKIP’s chances of local and national victories at the upcoming elections.

The Labour Party should concentrate on their own policies rather than trying to brainwash and scaremonger the Rotherham Public.

Let Kevin Barron try to explain to us how they intend to pay for their policies other than to increase the tax bill for every family in this country. No Labour spokesperson will give an honest answer.

The Rotherham public should remember how this council has ridden roughshod over our concerns when major decisions are being made. Local feelings are never considered.

At least UKIP have promised that all major decisions will be put to the Rotherham public vote.

Nationally the Labour Party have ignored all calls for the British public to be given a referendum on our continuing membership of the EU.

The Labour party, the ‘Party of the People’ — I think not. Their refusal to put a cap on immigration, how much more can Rotherham take?

There must be thousands of Labour supporters who want to leave the EU but blind loyalty prevents them from giving their vote to another party.

Loyalty counts for nothing if you are not being listened to. People’s loyalty to the Labour Party will see the Socialist snob, Edward (two kitchens) Miliband land a plum job within the EU when he jumps ship and catches the gravy train to Brussels, just  like Tony Blair before him, to become a very rich man at our expense, because of his loyalty to the faceless, domineering, EU bureaucrats rather than supporting the British public.

This is our one chance to put our vote where it will do most good.

Trevor Green, Aston