MONEY MATTERS: Introducing Georgia Hampton

As a service, the financial inclusion team support Rotherham borough residents with a range of financial inclusion activities including household budgeting, money and debt advice, benefits appeals and overpayments, employment support — including removing barriers to employment — education and training, and setting up affordable payment plans to reduce arrears and debts.

HI, I’m Georgia.

I currently work at Rotherham Council as part of the financial inclusion team. A key part of my job is to help residents of Rotherham increase their knowledge, skills and confidence around making effective money management decisions.

As temperatures drop and heating bills rise, many households in Rotherham are struggling financially.

You may not realise that you are entitled to some help.

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Rotherham Council are currently providing a payment of up to £400 to households struggling to meet the costs of their energy bills because of the significant rise in costs.

This support payment is called the Energy Crisis Support Scheme and requires you to complete a form online to assess your eligibility.

To complete the form online visit and search for “Energy Crisis Support Scheme”.

If you do not have access to the online form, and you do not have anyone that can assist you with your application, a member of the Energy Crisis Team can support you to fill this out over the phone.

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In order to qualify for the scheme, applicants will be asked to provide information about their current financial situation, along with a recent bank statement and estimated monthly expenditure and income.

Applicants must have no more than £150 a month left over after paying for all their essential costs such as food, rent and utility bills.

It may take a number of weeks to process applications, so please keep a note of your claim reference number which you will find on the email that is sent once you have applied or at the end of the submitted form.

How else can you save money on your energy bills?

[] Control which rooms you heat, so you’re not wasting cash. Make sure you turn down the temperature of radiators in rooms you are not using.

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[] Use your microwave as they only heat the food, so for smaller meals it can be cheaper than using the oven.

[] Draught proofing’s one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save energy.

[] Layer your clothes to keep in the heat. Make sure you are at the right temperature to keep yourself or your dependent healthy. Older people and young children may need different number of layers to keep at a suitable temperature.

[] Check that your meter is working properly as faults can be expensive.

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[] If you’re falling behind with your energy bills, and finding yourself struggling to pay, the best thing to do is contact your supplier as soon as possible.

Are you eligible for support with healthcare costs?

Residents on a low-income or with certain health conditions can access support to pay for these services such as prescriptions, dental and eye care.

The help you’re entitled to depends on where you live and if you:

[] get certain benefits

[] are pregnant or recently had a baby

[] are aged 60 and over

[] are aged 19 and under

[] get a War Pension

[] have a certain medical condition

If you’re unsure or waiting to find out if you’re eligible for help, pay your NHS charge.

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Checks are made on claims for free NHS prescriptions and free and reduced cost dental treatment.

If you claim incorrectly, you could have to pay a penalty charge.

If you find out you’re eligible, you can apply for a refund.

There are more details and money-saving tips on our website at