Moaners will hold Rotherham back if they get their way over Tesco

Sir, For three weeks the Advertiser has printed articles of constant moaning about Rotherham's proposed new Tesco.

End of the town centre, end of shopkeepers businesses, dangerous road planning ,a danger to ambulances getting to emergencies, saving our lovely buildings etc. Surely anyone with half a brain knows that Rotherham town centre is no longer a place where we want to do any decent shopping.

No matter how much the council go on and on about it, Rotherham is just a place of Discount Shops and banks,oh! and Primark.

Full of undesirable people and, lets be honest nowt, much else. Tesco will build this 24- hour superstore on the edge of the town, on land that if left to the "Hysterical Society" would be left to become a mangy, rat-infested, ugly, crumbling eyesore -- or let's grass it and put a few seats on it.

Yes, we all understand the history of the town and old buildings, but come on, get real and move with the times please.

People who shop in town now will always shop in town whether there is a Tesco superstore or not.These people will not change their habits.

Changing the roads, making the area pedestrianised and building a petrol station will not endanger anybody. It will only makes the area better, cleaner, pleasanter and surely this area will become safer to walk in.

I and many other people live with petrol stations in our housing estates and never hjas any danger, explosions etc,  been caused by them.

People DO want a new Tesco in Rotherham. As usual, the small miserable faction stonewall anything good and stick with the old.

Never, ever will Rotherham get any better while these people moan on and on. Hang on, why don't we build a giant, mega Poundland shop? Now thats what we really need!

Stella Goj, address supplied.