Memories of the 'Tanic

Sir, Having read the letters about recycling and the Titanic club, I remember that when I was eight I lived on Main Street in Rawmarsh and used to play in the "Tanic" stream on a daily basis where we dug clay to make touchwood burners, now banned under hea

As there seemed to be an unending supply of these at the back of the club, we gathered an armful each and presented them round the front and got a thick ear as a result. On our way home we met Bobby Turner and because we looked guilty we got a swipe round the ear with his cape just in case.

Arriving home, covered in clay, I got a thick ear from my Mum for being dirty. When my Dad got home, I had gone to Cubs fortunately because he played cricket with Bobby Turner.

Having been assaulted by a bouncer, a victim of police brutality and also parental child abuse within the space of half an hour, not to mention not being warned about drowning in streams and playing with matches, I have to applaud the National Trust in saying that there are are several things a child should do before they are twelve and a half.

Rod Bramall.