Materialist craze is just depressing

THE panic and necessity in the modern day to buy the newest phone model or the newest tablet is depressing.

It’s sad to think that materialism is all most teenagers and even youngsters value.

If it isn’t a four-year-old playing on an iPad, it’s a young girl posting “selfies” of herself on Facebook for “likes”.

Consumerism has taken over and we are entering a very vain and narcissitic world.

The obsession with posting “selfies” and holiday photos has become all too common.

Why on earth would anyone want to be on Facebook posting photo after photo when visiting a beautiful country or experiencing a new culture?

It’s because we live in a society where people have the need to show off how fantastic their life is and must let everyone know their whereabouts and how much sugar their tea takes.

But how far does it go?

The need to constantly upload photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is getting out of control and makes me wonder what type of people are out there, who can take personal information that is posted innocently by people everyday and use it to their advantage.

It all seems very ‘1984’-ish and perhaps Orwell may well have predicted the future because it certainly seems like we are living in the Big Brother world he created.