Life's a rollercoaster

I’VE been on a bit of a roller coaster ride with my health and fitness regime over the last couple of weeks.

Some days I find side-stepping treats easy, others I crave chocolate like my life depended on a piece. But I’m curbing the cravings and have been eating much more fruit and veg’ which is doing me the world of good.

This week I’ve really enjoyed exercise. I’m loving my new hobby Yoga and am getting better week by week. The instructor at Wath Leisure Centre is fantastic and really supportive toward me and my inflexible limbs. After just three classes, I can feel my strength building and I can stretch further so I’m getting results quickly.

It’s a great alternative to the higher-impact classes, like Body Combat and Boxercise, which really require high energy and fitness. I love those classes as well but sometimes after a hard day at work, Yoga is the perfect way to work your body and forget about the stresses of life.

I also had a go at our very own Rotherham Advertiser Salsa class at Brinsworth Social Club on Wednesday night which was a lot of fun.

As a Strictly Come Dancing fan and all things sequinned, I get excited about anything to do with dancing and was quite pleased at myself and my partner at the speed at which we picked up the steps.

The class was for beginners and will develop the moves each week so if you fancy a try, get your place booked. It’s lots of fun, it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake and you get fit at the same time.


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