Lifeboat on standby

Sir-In 2005 "regulations" from the EU were costing £1 out of every £11 in our economy. Sadly this has now worsened.

Match that to the present cuts and start to ask the obvious question: why do we not make the necessary savings by quitting the EU?

That we sacrifice some of our own areas of bureaucracy is perhaps valid, but when the choice is either keeping jobs in the hundreds of thousands or telling Brussels to get lost, it is surely a no-brainer.

So who are all these mainstream politicos who cannot even get that one right? Britain may well be sinking under the weight of excess immigration and the leakage of £82 billion of our money each year, but for those who want to jump ship the UKIP lifeboat is standing by.

John Wilkinson, UK Independence Party, Rotherham Branch.

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