LETTER: You will get the government you deserve

I WONDER if many of your readers are happy to live in a country where:-

People are forced to live (and die) on the streets.

Police have been cut so that crime is rife.

Schools are so badly funded that teachers and parents are buying books, paper and equipment.

Savage cuts to council services have meant the closure of libraries, youth centres, care homes and many other public services across the country.

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Where the health service is being slyly privatised and looks like being sold off to American bidders.

The ill and disabled have had benefits slashed because they are deemed ‘fit to work’.

The national press is rabid and twists facts to represent the views of their millionaire owners (’the Sun’ by the way is designed for a reading age of eight years).

Banks and large companies collapse but those at the top walk away with obscene pay-outs.

Families rely on food banks to feed their children.

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Large companies plus many individuals avoid taxes and salt away the money off-shore.

Workers’ rights eroded (zero hour contracts) and more are working longer hours for poor pay.

And now Brexit! I believe the vast number of those voting to leave voted on one item — immigration, nothing else was considered. Mind you, they were lied to by Boris and his bus, and the aforementioned national papers. I predict that when we do leave that prices will rise dramatically.

If you are happy with this state of affairs, vote for Boris. You’ll get the government you deserve; trouble is every one of us will suffer too!

Name and address supplied