Letter: Wouldn’t trust the council with the housekeeping

WELL here we go again, two weeks after the council announces more possible redundancies in the provision of elderly social care, they’re advertising three new post at a salary of £65,000 each for new management of the social care budget!

This money should surely have been used in adult social care provisions and not to assist current failing managers already in post. If management isn’t capable of running their budgets then replace them, don’t spend more money on bringing in other people to assist.

It beggars belief what our social care department are doing, or rather not doing! Sir Derek Myers is missing something here, get it sorted please before handing this department management back to them; incompetence is not a strong word to use at this time.

We are desperate for safe and continuous elderly care in our borough not less of it, the carers do a fantastic job and without them the elderly and disabled will suffer. Hurt the vulnerable seems to be the new motto, can I remind the management, it is our money and not theirs. I wouldn’t trust them with my housekeeping!

Terry Canadine, Rotherham

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