LETTER: Why pay for no work in Stormont?

WHEN a works closes the workers’ wages stop, no work, no brass.

The pits closed, the minors lost their pay packets straight away.

It’s a different kettle of fish if you’re a Northern Ireland Member of Parliament.

Stormont is closed, nobody attends meetings as the MPs can’t decide how to form a government.

Their wages have been paid on the dot for staying at home.

These kind of jobs are regular when public money is involved, as to some it’s a bottomless pit.

Now the wages are going to be cut by a third and the factory is still shut down, it’s still a lucrative position to be in.

We are not talking minimum wage here, it’s thousands of pounds.

Enough to keep them in luxury, the pay for their staff will not be cut but the decision should have happened before now.

There’s been no assembly since early in 2017 and the pay cut comes into force in November 2018.

Some members have said the cuts should have happened months ago.

It was suggested a cut of 27.5 per cent, but why pay for what is no work in Stormont?

One Northern Ireland MP said: “They’ve cut da pay by a turd and the Guinness has gone up 10p.”

I’ll drink to dat.

Richard Billups, Rawmarsh