LETTER: Why hasn't Rotherham's council tax been cut?

LABOUR are not freezing council tax, Rotherham Labour Party has been slashing services and laying workers off for the best part of five years.

Millions saved but still no reduction in council tax in Rotherham for a single resident, no question of a reduction in Roger Stone or Kimber’s wages. The burning question is why hasn’t our council tax been reduced in line with the cuts?

Also, which Tory barmpot thought bedroom tax would be a good idea? Taxing the elderly after they have paid their rent for the last 50 years and raised their children and are now told to either move out or be mugged.

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This is disgraceful behaviour by the Tory and Labour party and a smokescreen to hide the real crime which is rich Tory/Labour landowners who have priced housing developers out of the market with their extortionate land prices.

The same people, landowners and farmers, only produce two per cent of European GDP yet help themselves to around 13pc of European GDP. These people fix land prices, fix food prices to protect their way of life and dump their excess into third world countries forcing the food prices down and creating penury in many countries.

Scrap the bedroom tax and replace it with a land tax and let’s tax the landowners and farmers who have had it so good for so long.

My advice to anyone effected by this Nazi policy by the Tory party is do not pay a single penny in bedroom tax, let them take you to court to collect it. Anyone who has paid rent for more than 30 years should be given the house they have lived in  all their lives by the authority, not mugging old people to cover for bankers’ recklessness and bad Labour/Tory policies.

Michael Conlon, School Walk, Maltby.

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