LETTER: Why do we need SYPTE?

THERE were no buses on Boxing Day in Rotherham, except for the X1.

As I went out for a paper I saw some people waiting for the 138 to town.

I gave them the news that their wait was in vain, and I got this look that they didn’t believe me.

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One of the people waiting told me he was sure he had seen the bus going up, but I told him the only buses running was the x1, and they only went Sheffield/Meadowhall/Rotherham/Maltby, which was miles from his stop.

He then asked me “does it come around here?” “Fraid not” I replied and I walked home, but they still sat there hoping for a bus.

But this made me wonder why there wasn’t a note on the bus stop showing Christmas services? It seems that SYPTE can’t be bothered to put up notices, they expect people to look online.

So this begs the question why we need SYPTE. The assistants in the kiosks seem vague at best most of the time, and everything now seems to be online, so why not disband it and let some central database do all the work?

Andrew S Redding