LETTER: What kind of Britain will our children inherit?

I SEE the Dope from Derby has done it again!

Last seen walking around Rotherham with a copy of the Mail and Sun hanging out of his back pockets, the epitome of gullibility, he must be the only person that has not heard about the deaths of 120,000 British citizens due to the roll-out of universal credit; and he persists — week in week out — in presenting himself as someone who knows what’s going on politically in these dire days of austerity. And he has the temerity to lambast a contributor to our letters page in last week’s Tiser for pointing out that scandalous truth about this inept, callous, Tory government and the state this country is in.

It’s even worse than that, if he’d care to check his Google — which he seems to be doing latterly — he’d see that thousands have died as well within weeks of being declared fit for work by the Work Capability Assessment (WCA). These are unfortunate British disabled people: ex-soldiers, people terminally ill with cancer, people that can’t walk, see, lift things, and those people suffering with mental health issues.

On top of that, 16 million of us are living in poverty, six million of those considered destitute; and most of those are living in households that have at least one person working. And he parrots the Tory mantra that “finding work is the best way out of poverty”.

On top of that, six million British children are living in poverty, one and a half million of them in total destitution.

Want some more? Paupers’ graves have increased exponentially, as have people living on the streets and depending on food banks: there’s an obvious link. Life expectancy in Britain has dropped by 18 months over the last five years.

We have one of the lowest state pensions, as a percentage of wages, in the OECD. Nine out of ten of the poorest areas to live in Northern Europe are in Britain. Not bad for the fifth richest country in the world, is it?

Darby is like one of those blow up snow men, full of stale air, ballasted with water and when you knock him down with facts and reasoning he pops back up with a happy smiling face, and a recording of this week’s media induced slogans and anecdotes — the country is descending deeper and deeper into the possibility of civil unrest.

The new kid on the Tory block, Dominic Cummings, best known for telling his followers that Conservatives “don’t care about the poor or the NHS”, is the new fashionable Goebbels of the hard Brexteers. “Tell a lie, make it a big one, say it loud enough, say it often enough, and they will believe it.”

He’s clever! Seeing the Corbyn campaign gathering Momentum, if you’ll excuse the pun, he has stolen some of his clothes and changed the thrust of the hard right election cry by pushing the NHS, education, and the shortage of police officers on the street, and promising new money for them: after previously cutting their funding to the bone by billions, Cummings is pulling BO JO’s strings as he tours the country testing the water for support before calling it.

Coupled with the above gimmickry, and with the help of the media, the Corbynites, the remainers, and his own -— now expelled —Tory party MPs (who can see where the dangerous inflammatory rhetoric is leading) and any member of the public who isn’t a Brexiteer, are being metaphorically corralled into the same grouping and are being verbally, and threateningly, accused of being traitors, anti-democrats, cowards, and have “surrendered” to the EU, all of Britain’s democracy and the will of its people, by using parliament as a Trojan horse.

As I have said in many of my previous letters, capitalism is in crisis, not just in this country but the world over. The former crises, caused by the lack of consumer demand, were cyclical, and lasted for about five years normally. The 2008 crisis (which was different, it was organically different) has not recovered. It will not and it cannot recover, and our fiscal and personal debt is growing and out of control.

The decline and cuts in living standards marches on un-bridled. This fact, as I have said many times, will unbalance the relationship between the political and the social conditions in our society. The Tories offer nothing, only more misery for the working class. Only a socialist, Corbyn-led movement offers change, and with our country facing the greatest constitutional crisis since the Cromwell-led Capitalist Revolution, the threat of another war in the Middle East that could lead anywhere, and the Amazon rain forest (the lungs of our planet)on fire, what kind of Britain will our children inherit?

“Life is beautiful. Let the younger generations cleanse it of all evil, oppression and violence, and enjoy it to the full.” L.D.

Dave Platts, Clifton