Letter: We must be masters of our own destiny

WITH David Cameron making a case for 80 million Turkish muslims to join the European Union, this must surely be the nail in the coffin for the people wanting to stay in.

To be blackmailed by the Turkish Government over the refugee crisis, and only willing to help if they receive billions of pounds and free visa travel for its citizens, should  leave the “ inners” in doubt as to what the future will be for all of Europe if we allow this to happen.

When Mr Cameron first started his so called re-negotiation of Great Britain’s role in the EU, he stated that if he could  not get what he wanted, and get a better deal for this country, then he would walk away. Well everyone now knows he got absolutely nothing, but instead of walking away he is now going the length and breadth of Europe trying to convince everyone that we must stay in this corrupt failing union.

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If he really believed we are better off in than out, then why did he want us to have a referendum in the first place? If the majority of the Great British public want to be ruled from a small country like Belgium, with more Diesh fighters within Syria than any other country in the world, then I believe they will very soon realise the huge mistake they  have made.

We now have the only chance we will ever get, to remove the shackles of Brussels, and make our own laws, and regain control of our borders, and once again be ruled by our own democratically elected members of our own Government.

Things may be difficult at the beginning if we leave, but as one of the richest nations on earth, we will survive and prosper. Do not believe the doom and gloom merchants, let us get out before it is too late, and be once again the great country we used to be, prior to our integration with the failing EU, and be the masters of our own destiny.