LETTER: Voting paper is in the bin

JUST like the waste of money and space of a PCC, what do we need a mayor for?

Especially when it’s being voted on political lines rather than the best person for the job.

A big example is our PCC. He got in because he is old Momentum Labour and people here in the main cannot see the dead wood for the trees.

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I have no excitement for this at all. Most of the candidates are nonentities anyway. I have had only one letter on this from a political party and that was Labour. So you can see where they spend their money and of course there was no need. Dan Jarvis will get in easily. He would have been the best man for the job as well except he is tied to a rotten Cabinet led by appeasers and Trots who would sell this country down the drain. And in most cases although he is moderate he will follow the craven party line.

All the Mayor brings, just like the PCC, is another layer of management and staff, mostly inept and inefficient and paid for out of the public purse. They will be picked not for their suitability but for being certain types of people from certain backgrounds rather than the best person. Some of them might be but from what I have seen so far in all the parties they pick them to have a so-called token rep.

Good luck with it all, my voting paper is already in the bin.

Martin Fletcher/Margaret Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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