LETTER: Vote Corbyn and live with the consequences

A FEW undemocratic remainers are seeking to undermine the largest democratic vote in our history by trying to overturn the result on membership of the awful European Union and seek another referendum. This must never happen.

What really would be a great idea would be if the people of this country were asked if they wanted a Marxist/Communist government for the first time in its history.

Let people be aware of what they would actually be voting for in a Corbyn-led government. They must be fully aware that the Labour of the past is no more and is now in the grip of a lifelong Marxist millionaire hypocrite called Jon Lansman, whose whole family gained their wealth through private enterprise,  yet want the rest of Great Britain to be state-owned and run.

We have other hypocrites nearer home, some with enough wealth gained by working all their whole lives for private enterprise companies to be able to afford their own boats. Private enterprise is the reason we are the fifth richest nation on Earth!

The Labour voters that are still unaware of this new breed of Labour must take the blinkers off and realise that Labour is not the Labour Party of our parents’ era. This new breed of old dinosaurs are in fact the far left Marxist group bought and paid for by the extremist Lansman and led by Corbyn, and this hateful group of misfits that now go under the banner of Momentum have, in fact, hijacked the old Labour.

They are so cowardly they dare not reveal their true colours and hide behind the flag of the decent members of the true Labour voters.

First Corbyn is in the process of de-selecting all moderate MPs that have been democratically elected by their own constituents and replaced by far left trouble causers hell bent on bringing the government down and reversing the referendum result.

This man who portrays himself as a peacenik, shares platforms with terrorist groups but has the audacity to say he needs to do this to get both sides of the situation, but he has never once criticised one of them.

He refuses to sing the national anthem, does not support the Queen and the rest of the royal family, wants rid of our armed forces, to get rid of our deterrent against hostile countries like Russia and Iran. He invited the leaders of the IRA in the middle of them killing innocent men, women and children in the troubles in Ireland to tea and sandwiches in our parliament no less.

What kind of person would spend Christmas holidays visiting the grave of Karl Marx in Mexico? This hater of the British way of life has many times been labelled a mouthpiece and apologist for Putin’s Russia, accused of spying and has yet to explain why he and Diane Abbott were the only westerners allowed to travel behind the communist held East Germany at the time of the Berlin Wall.

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

I could fill the whole Tizer pages up with why not to vote for Corbyn and his communist mates, but at this moment in time we are supposed to be a democratic free speech country. Anyone is free to choose whatever party or person they wish, but a Marxist-led party hell bent on ruining this great country by heavily taxing private enterprise companies and getting them to invest in other countries will in fact make this nation go the way of Venezuela.

They will take the millions of jobs with them. So the voter will have to live with the consequences of their own actions if they vote for Corbyn’s loony left.

Ray Darby, Derbyshire