LETTER: Tuition fee promise was a lie

THE truth is out, Jeremy Corbyn’s vow to scrap tuition fees is rubbished by his own education chief Angela Rayner .She states the cost would be £100 billion, the equivalent of the entire economic output of Hungary.

Now they have done the maths they are saying it’s something they would “like” to do. So the millions of votes he got from the young generation were done by false pretences. Once they realise they were conned,

I hope they will think twice next time instead of putting their trust in a Marxist conman. The far left nutjobs will say and do anything to get the keys to no10, just like the Lib Dems and the Green Party, they will never be in power so they can promise the earth.

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Let us all hope that those swallowing all the garbage spewed out by this far left party masquerading as Labour, are finally rumbled by the voters, and they are wiped off the map at the next election. This country does not want or need a Marxist government Ever!

Ray Darby, Sheffield