LETTER: Town centre full of uncouth drinkers

I SEE Clive Phillips has written the same as me about the town centre except for the shopkeepers leaving part.

The fact is their solicitors and them should have looked more closely and it is a warning to anyone looking to move in to those shops, not to.

I agree with your editorial this week but the council are a long way behind. It is true I do not venture much in to the town centre nowadays because even though I am willing to pay parking fees, finding somewhere fairly near for carrying my shopping back to is not easy.

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Last Friday I ventured in to town to three shops. I passed two grotty pubs with uncouth people outside drinking from glasses as well as cans. And you do not want to look at these people too long either.

Loud and belligerent. And the men were just as bad. In the town centre were all sorts including young men drinking beer from cans. Are there actually going to be police there enforcing the so called bans? I doubt it. The political parties are all talk. I also agree that it is not the fogs that need governance it is their owners in most cases.

Unless it has a beer garden the drinkers should be inside. I thought there was already a law on this. I feared for my wallet and personal safety at one point and made sure all my pockets were buttoned or zipped up. They stand outside the pub and watch you take money from the ATMs.

I did see a police car further up towards the far end but no officers in sight anywhere near the pubs or even in the centre between Boots and Nationwide.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley