LETTER TO THE EDITOR: World climate change is natural

TO “Name and Address Supplied” who was desperately trying to get his son injected; be thankful you didn’t! These injections offer absolutely no protection against anything but offer serious risk as is slowly being exposed. Even the government’s figures show that nine out of ten deaths of those with Covid had received the three jabs! If you’re a religious man then may I suggest that you thank God that your son didn’t receive any of the poisons, especially seeing as you describe him as vulnerable?

I’m sure that Comrade Foulstone means well but he continues to spout utter nonsense in support of one of the two biggest scams in history.

There is no climate crisis just the natural changing back and forth of the world’s climates. It’s a very clever scam because in ten or 20 years when nothing has changed the governments and the “Greens” will claim that they did it when instead our climates will have naturally, yes Comrade, naturally, returned to normal.

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The fact that they’ve caused mass famine, devastated environments, littered the countryside with useless wind up kiddie cars, created huge piles of dead batteries and despoiled the landscape with yet more windmills won't matter! Does he know that the lithium for the batteries is mined by children, most of whom won’t reach adulthood; but does that not matter either?

I’m originally from Sussex and know Brighton well and somehow or other the Green party runs the city (Runs is not the appropriate word, destroying would be more accurate). They’re now demanding that critical race theory be taught in schools with children as young as four being forced to apologise for being white! They want English exams to be abolished because they’re racist! Er, this is England and the native tongue is, wait for it, English!

I struggle to understand how anyone with a mind of their own can vote for this party.

The MSM are so desperate to please their globalist masters they’re publishing photos of war victims from 2018, showing a Ukrainian tank running over a car and claiming it’s Russian and using footage from a video game showing a Ukrainian fighter shooting down ten Russian ‘planes!

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The owners of the video game are suing those using the footage. If the sheeple dig beyond the propaganda on TV and in the newspapers they’ll discover why President Putin had no choice but to invade the most corrupt country in the world, the country that was manufacturing the next virus (the one promised by Gates. The Russian Air Force flattened the lab making the virus so we should all be thankful.

I’m not saying that Vladimir Putin is Mr Nice Guy but he does more for Russia in a week than the 650 Freeloaders in HoC have done in the past 20 years!

I do find myself in a state of shock; I actually agree with Comrade Foulstone. Putin had no choice but to invade the fascist Ukraine. I wish Vladimir Putin could run Britain for a couple of years — there’d be no invasion on the Kent coast for a start!  

What I struggle to understand is how Comrade Foulstone can be spot on here and yet support a party that demands policies that are already causing massive damage to the planet.

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Crops need carbon, fertiliser needs carbon, the Earth as a whole needs carbon but the plans in place are already causing colossal damage which will lead to widespread famine.

His party is also demanding that “Critical race theory” be taught in schools and that children as young as four apologise for being white! I’m sure he means well but please Comrade, think before you continue to support yet another globalist controlled party.

The current annual bill for the 250,000 Afghans (including many known terrorists), the 200,000 Ukrainians to be taken in by Boris (many of whom will be gangsters) and the 100,000 parasites he’s welcomed via the Kent coast and continues to send out the Border “Farce” to collect, is a staggering £25,300,000,000; not one year but every year and growing! That’s £46,000 for each per year with a free house and to be paid to not work. No wonder Sunak is robbing us left right and centre!

We’re now more heavily taxed that at any time since 1950; even Brown taxed us less.

Clive Phillips, Address Withheld

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