LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Will those responsible ever be held to account?

IT is interesting to see what John Healey MP said in Parliament in September 2014 after the Jay report. I quote: “I believe (and still believe) that those who knew about the terrible abuse but didn’t protect our children should not be allowed to continue in their jobs.

Now if he truly believed this and he was serious about doing anything about it the question is why to date has he not called for the removal and prosecution of the councillors and officers and police officers known to have known about it instead of backing and praising those councillors in his constituency who are still serving on Rotherham Council? Maybe Mr Healey would like to explain to us.

Recently the Metropolitan Police have again been in the news over rogue officers and the culture within the force. But again all we ever hear is “sorry, we have learned lessons”. This has been the case with every organisation involved in CSE — the Home Office, the council, the police. All they keep saying is “sorry, we have learned lessons”.

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But none have learned anything at all. They still spend more time and money covering up the truth and preventing questions being answered by Freedom of Information requests.

It is time for the truth to be made public and people involved should be brought to account and shown that not doing their jobs is not an option to be tolerated. Maybe then and only then will lessons be learned and people will do the job they are paid to do — and know if they don’t they will be held to account by the public who expect people in public office to be trustworthy and reliable and to protect the vulnerable who rely on these organisations and people.

I would be interested to know what our MPs have to say today, over eight years on.

Caven Vines, Campaigner for Truth and Justice