LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Wickersley PC is prudent — not PCC

I WISH to comment on the RMBC council tax bill I have just received.

I note that Wickersley Parish Council have chosen a 0.0 per cent increase in parish precept, whereas the profligate office of the Police & Crime Commissioner have again levied a leg-lifting 4.7 per cent increase, to a staggering £198.26 per annum, compared to Wickersley PC’s £59.80.

I wish that the police commissioner was as careful with my hard-earned fixed rate NHS pension income as Wickersley PC obviously is.

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Maybe Rev Dr Alan Billings could be offered some astute financial management advice on how to run his toxic-salaried department as prudently and carefully as Wickersley PC obviously does?

My sincere thanks to all at Wickersley PC.

Donald H Buxton, Wickersley