LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why should our MPs endure threats to life?

I AM writing in connection to remarks made by Jamie Turner, the handler of social media for Rother Valley Labour, in last week’s Advertiser.

He states that if the Rother Valley MP Alex Stafford were to spend more time in the area he would perhaps understand our local values a little better.

I had a phone call recently from a friend and I asked who his MP was. He said it was Alex, and what a good MP he was.

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He goes round all the villages offering help where he can and the local people are very impressed with him.

They can’t remember who their last MP was as they never saw him and he didn’t appear to be asking questions in Parliament.

Well done Alex, the people of Rother Valley love you and hope that you will continue with your good works.

My name is not given as I don't want to receive the harassment or death threats that the Staffords have received.

Why should they be told by a Labour supporter in Whiston that he would like Alex and his children to burn in hell? Does he want another Jo Cox or David Amess?

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