LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why is Eastwood mess allowed?

REGARDING the article in the paper July 14, page two, “Act sooner, appeal to council” – just how ridiculous is this title. We have been reading of incidents of this nature for the past ten years or more. Still senior individuals within the council do nothing about the situation in Eastwood. I am so disgusted by this article and too angry to think of sufficient opprobrium to lie at their door.

How many times do they need to be told backyards do not fill with rubbish overnight, neither do they move? This will have been seen to be happening for the past three months or more and no action as with previous incidents has been taken.

The rat infestations and cockroaches also get a mention.

Remarkable since it was only a few weeks ago we had an officer in this paper making inane comments to the effect that there are no rats in Eastwood.

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Let me say they are borough wide. Though we should not use the word rats, they are easily offended and prefer to be known as rodents, possessing four legs, a long tail and big teeth with which they gnaw through bins to get at even more waste. Still the council does not act, it prefers to provide a seven day per week collection service at tax payers’ expense. It is high time they are told enough is enough.

Then we are treated to the verbal diarrhoea from a council officer sent out to defend the indefensible.

Why do they do it? It must take years of training; they should look at what has happened to Boris to know it is futile to do so.

We don’t believe a word of it. They don’t need selective licensing, never did, that is just a way to transfer cost to the private sector.

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There are both good and bad landlords and the bad ones along with the tenants need to be shown zero tolerance.

The question is why is this allowed to happen? Perhaps the content of my next paragraphs may go some way to explain the inertia displayed by senior officials and politicians who remain inert and immune like some Easter Island stone idol gazing across a vast panorama of emptiness.

Recently we have been hearing about the CSE issues arising in Telford, a mirror image of what happened here in Rotherham. Following a similar route of pointless investigations and reports that will probably reach similar meaningless and worthless conclusions and no one will be held responsible. Let’s hope this is not the case but don’t be too hopeful.

In the light of events in Telford a recent video clip has emerged on Youtube:


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I would urge readers to listen to this short clip and draw your own conclusions.

I cannot vouch for the authenticity, but the fact that whoever produced it is prepared to put it out there gives it some credence as the statements made are said to be from a solicitor involved in the Rotherham scandal.

We should all look forward to hearing what Cllr Read has to say about this rather than his usual wall of silence that will only add more fuel to the credibility of the statements being made.

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