LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where were the bosses?

SO the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust running our local Rotherham General Hospital have been fined nearly £200,000 for deficiencies in their safeguarding training and other systemic deficiencies.

And just where were the Trust board, chief executive, chief nurse, chairman and non-exec directors while this expensive and shameful series of events were taking place?

Were they guffawing into their champers with their muckers at the golf club, or big-hitter business breakfasts, or secret society lodges, while doing the social climbing that many suspect them of?

The Trust had been repeatedly warned by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) about problems with its safeguarding training and other systemic deficiencies between January 2019 and February 2020, and yet nothing appears to have been done until the CQC appear out of the blue like the Spanish Inquisition and rightfully play hard ball with these toxic salaried ineffective public servants.

I wonder how just much quicker the board et-al would have responded if they knew that a period of imprisonment and unlimited fines would be the result of their obfuscation?

Don Buxton, Rotherham