LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Well done for tackling the fly-tipping scourge

I WAS very pleased that Nick Fletcher MP used your poll about fly tipping on his social media to demonstrate how absolutely disgusted people feel about this crime.

Fly tipping can be anything from food waste to building waste to very dangerous chemicals... all of which are dumped without care in our communities.

Fly tipping is not a victimless crime and as a member of the public it’s up to you, me, us all to report it.

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Our rural, suburban and urban friends and colleagues often have their roads, bridleways and footpaths blocked by highly organised gangs of criminals dumping waste... the taxpayers pick up the bill which needs to be recovered via the courts but the cost of waiting around for the clean-up to happen is without measure.

Roads blocked due to mounds of waste is wholly unacceptable and that is why Nick Fletcher MP is demanding action.

He is wanting a £10,000 fine and/or custodial sentences for those found guilty.

If you see someone or know of someone fly tipping then do let your local council know.

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Mr Fletcher is working on legislation in the House of Commons which is commendable but he isn’t Robocop. A community needs to come together and tackle this disease and together we can win.

It’s good to see a politician like Mr Fletcher getting angry about something we all get angry about — isn’t that the sign of a good political representative?

I hope we see more prosecutions for fly tipping in the future.

Don Valley constituent

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