LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We demand funding to return town to its heyday

WE write in connection with the Levelling Up Fund bid for Dinnington, which we are advised by senior officers at Rotherham Council will be formally submitted imminently.

This is the culmination of many months of hard work on the part of local leadership in Dinnington, including borough councillors, town councillors and Land Trust representatives, supported by local MP for Rother Valley, Alexander Stafford.

The feedback from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities (DLUHC) was clear: the bid was strong, but it was let down by lack of clarity on match funding and officers needed to strengthen the demonstration that the project put forward met the needs of the town.

Over the last few months, some robust conversations have taken place regarding what the new bid should look like, and we have all been consistently firm that it should be focussed on regenerating the high street, incorporating the feedback from DLHUC to make a stronger case.

Residents from Dinnington have rallied around this vision and want to see a regenerated high street in a return to Dinnington’s heyday as a thriving market town.

We are confident that the bid put forward is a step along the road to achieving this goal.

It represents all of our aspirations to completely overhaul Laughton Road, design out antisocial behaviour and make Dinnington a place to which people will travel from miles around for their shopping.

From our extensive conversations with residents and business owners, we know that this is what they want to see also and we look forward to the outcome with hope and excitement.

Alexander Stafford MP, Member of Parliament for Rother Valley;  Dinnington borough councillors Cllr Sophie Castledine-Dack, Cllr Charlie Wooding, Cllr Benjamin Whomersley; Chair, Dinnington St John’s Town Council Cllr Dave Smith; Dinnington Community Land Trust members David Dixon and David Johnston