LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We are already judging our MP Alexander Stafford

READING your article (March 3, “You look just like our new MP,” drinkers tell Alexander Stafford) my first thought was doubtless the same as that of many others; I wait in anticipation for when your next article on our Rother Valley MP going on a trip to the supermarket with Jarvis Cocker goes to press.

What insights into the lives of we, his constituents, is our MP hoping to glean by role-playing at bartending for a few hours while occupying a lofty seat from the Commons? Let’s see: “It was quite interesting how the clientele changed during the night,” he tells us. As well as that barrels in the beer cellar “Are a lot heavier than you think!” Stunning revelations well worth his time? Well at least he got a photo and some column inches using the local residents of Maltby and Hellaby as an ethnographic study, seemingly marvelling at our otherness as we live and work in a variety of jobs, (of which hospitality and bar work is just one), pay our way and raise our families.

“Judge me on what I do,” Alexander implores. Believe me, that we already do.                       

Amy Brookes, Hellaby