LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Unhelpful council and a non-job

IN the last issue of the Advertiser I noticed someone else not happy with Riverside House and the local so-called services.

The staff seem to be picked for a Rottweiler attitude rather than to help and they are not in the office.

They blame Covid but I wonder how many wear a mask in the shops or pubs and restaurants.

Hypocrites mostly. After a week I got an email back saying go on the internet and call with any problems. But will I actually get a person and a helpful one?

I know my next steps after this and RMBC civil local services will not be amused.

I see Mr Foulstone is blaming all on the Tories. Some of this is correct but he should bear in mind many private companies took the foreign shilling, and during Blair’s time.

Harold Wilson closed as many or more coal mines as Mrs Thatcher did but the old Labour memories of this have somewhat dimmed for some reason.

While I did not vote in the mayoral election myself, it is noticeable only a little more than 25 per cent of the population did.

I see a young man with little experience or proper idea was voted in because he was Labour, which proved the point of many that a dead badger could take the Labour vote with a red flag stuck on its head.

I see he is smiling. So would I on £86,000 a year for a non-job. Waste of taxpayers’ money because he will have his own entourage as well. And do little just like the last one.

What was his name again?

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley

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