LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Treacherous Labour will not back working class

LAST week saw the long-awaited publication of the Ford Enquiry. That won’t mean much to most, and even the people that would know what it was all about would more than likely have missed the news of its release.

Briefly, the report’s remit was to investigate fictitious claims of anti-semitism that the right-wing Blairites had been weaponising to expel good left-wing members of the Labour Party, and to establish if the anti-trade-union, anti-nationalisation, anti-pay-rise, pro-war, anti-Palestinian, definitely anti-Labour-Party-democracy and anti-Corbyn staff had deliberately scuppered Labour’s chances of winning the 2017 general election and subsequently the 2019 election under the left-wing Corbyn leadership.

This leadership had promised to fully fund and restore the NHS to its former free-at-the-point-of-need status, and entirely take it back into public ownership as it was when it was originally created by Aneurin Bevan, plus, re-nationalise gas, electricity, water, rail, and all the other public services that these lying Tory fraudsters have been milking to the full, whilst the rest of us have been struggling to pay the bills, to see a doctor or dentist, and waiting hours for an ambulance to take us to an over-crowded, under-staffed and under-funded hospital.

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The report, although slightly timid, proves beyond doubt that that is what happened, and the results of the treacherous behaviour of our trusted MPs (local and national) who, combined with the Tory billionaire press and television, lied, misreported, exaggerated, and did everything in their power to prevent a Corbyn leadership and hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic, loyal supporters, in bringing about a root and branch change to our corrupt British political system.

I don’t have to explain what a difference those bold socialist policies — empowered by a committed socialist party and trade union movement — would have made to this current financial crisis that we are all facing at the moment, where people are living in fear of the spiralling cost of living, and of the amount that their next energy bills will be.

To add insult to injury, these privatised companies (many are foreign owned) are raking it in. Centrica, one of these new gas companies, have just seen a 400 per cent increase in profits; at the same time we are facing a 78pc increase in our October gas bills. On top of that, we are involved in a US proxy war that could escalate into some apocalyptic nightmare any day, which is exacerbating the economic meltdown of economies and currencies throughout the entire world – something I predicted months ago as the reality of fictitious money-trading and the printing of money to bail out failing debt and bond obligations panned out.

As Rotherham’s own social and economic problems begin to manifest themselves, we are seeing the emergence of a crime and drug-fuelled anti-social underclass that is being cultivated by want, poverty, and an increasing feeling of hopelessness, especially amongst our younger generation. Good, safe, union-organised, well-paid jobs are a thing of the past in the minds of our youth; you don’t get to drive around Wellgate in a V12 Mercedes working for a living!

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You wouldn’t be far wrong if you thought that dealing drugs has become an integral part of the British economy since our capital goods sector was sacrificed in favour of the financial sector and neoliberalism, especially when two trillion dollars were laundered through the London banking system two years ago.

The cold winter months ahead promise to be problematic for our class. The RMT, who, like all our public sector workers, have not had a real pay rise for ten years, are leading the way and are demanding not just a pay rise, but no forced redundancy, and guards on the train. What an absolute disgrace that this Tory-lite leadership of our once proud Labour Party has sunk so low as to condemn any Labour MP who supports them and even threaten to force them out of the party; the very same union (the railway workers), by the way, that created the Labour Party in the first place!

There will be other unions and workplaces that will threaten strike action as poverty pay forces them to take action on behalf of their members. Our Labour MPs should be out on the picket lines showing support and solidarity for the class they are supposed to represent. This town doesn’t need another Labour leader who would desert their class, as did Kinnock when he failed to support the miners and the NUM, or weak-kneed union leaders such as Bill Sirs, who wholly let down our steelworkers. Both finished up in the House of Lords for their “contribution to society”. We finished up in a very dark place.

Our local MPs Healey and Champion should make their unequivocal commitment to this town and the people who live and work in it clear: do you support the unions, their membership, and the working class in general, the very same working people who fought and died for a voice in Parliament, or are you with the bosses? We are not holding our breath.

Dave Platts, Clifton

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