LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time to protect UK citizens

THE following letter may be too controversial for the woke society. This past week we were all alerted to the costs of hotel rooms for the illegal immigrants to the tune of £64m per day.

We have our own UK citizens in boxes, doorways, under bridges etc. Families using food banks having to choose heat or food. Yet it’s comforting to hear Sunak say we have an obligation to keep these illegal immigrants safe and comfortable, in hotels with heating, full board, money, mobile phone, clothing — and people wonder why eventually something snaps as per the horrific petrol bombing in Dover. An abhorrent act which rightly cannot be condoned but sadly we can understand the reason behind it.

One thousand-plus immigrants per day aided by the RNLI, a charitable institution aiding and abetting making sure the illegals arrive safely after being escorted out of French waters by the French.

Some do-gooders say we should hire more hotels for these people and as has proven last week — disease carriers. Until fully processed we really don’t have a clue about these people’s past, beliefs, convictions. Indeed, most have come through safe zone countries who don’t want them and like the French who actually help them to escape France to get to the benefits tourism centre — the UK.

The government needs to take hard drastic action against this dangerous national security threatening migration plague, because sitting on the fence chuckling away waiting to strike, step up Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage, as Brexit was partly about controlling our borders. The ammunition is available for all to see for the next general election (should the Tories stop being cowards and call one).

No need for the lies of Brexit’s NHS money, Nige and Tommy will be ready and eagerly awaiting. It will be hard to take but, in all but geographical position, the UK is now a middle Eastern country.

The ignorant and hippies will view this letter as racism, but when was colour, religious orientation mentioned (oh that’s right, it wasn’t)? It is about protecting UK citizens, pride and patriotism — you know, things our forefathers fought and fell for, things which are sadly becoming forgotten, but our allegiance lies with our flag, our country, our monarchy, our laws and absolutely anyone who refuses to pledge to all should, as one astute MP so eloquently stated, “if they don’t like it, get back on a dinghy to France” — but let’s put a poppy in the boat to remind them of our green and pleasant land.

HB Rotherham