LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Those who covered up should be in the dock

The recent letter on Rother Valley selection and CSE was so accurate.

Until and unless the police, the council, the councillors and Members of Parliament get serious about this massively important subject of CSE then the crimes will keep happening.

I note many of the councillors shamed into getting booted off the Rotherham Council cabinet have made a comeback onto the council cabinet and gravy train, with others remaining as councillors. It’s a disgrace.

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Frankly, the above politicians and police used all their energy to deny and conspire to cover things up, rather than deal with the heinous crime against 1,800-plus victims and still ongoing. The above should all have been put in the dock for their collective and personal corporate negligence, failure in duty of care and safeguarding to our young people.

We have had to stomach a bellyful of their weasel words and determination to turn the page rather than face the consequences for their failures and cover-ups.

Liam Harron should be given the freedom of Rotherham for his absolute determination to expose the wrongdoing and get justice for the victims, despite the endless obstruction by the police and above politicians.

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