LETTER TO THE EDITOR: This town needs to take CSE seriously

I RECENTLY had the delicious delight of chatting to one of the individuals vying to be the Member of Parliament for Rother Valley.

This person has clearly swallowed the party political handbook on deflecting perfectly sound, reasonable and legitimate questions about the continued inaction of South Yorkshire Police, Rotherham Council and the Rotherham Council political group they belong to over the serious, stark and ongoing concerns in relation to child sexual exploitation.

When I asked about current concerns about these evil and heinous crimes this person kept talking about the past. They couldn’t bring themselves to tell me how they’d champion the rights of children in Rother Valley from the day they got elected if indeed that were to happen.

When I pressed the matter this person told me I should report these concerns — which has been done but no action taken.  

Without prompting this person said I should raise any lack of action via the police complaints system and with the Police & Crime Commissioner — both of which has been done with no action taken.

I was then abruptly told that they couldn’t continue the conversation any longer. The chat last 12 minutes and I could already see how the sidestepping of an important issue was second nature.

Until and unless the police, the council, the councillors and Members of Parliament get serious about this massively important subject then the crimes will keep happening.

I have decided not to name the political party or the person involved as it’s not about politics or people wanting to be a Member of Parliament but about children.

One weak link in the chain to protect the vulnerable then everything fails...in Rotherham the chain is a busted flush and effectively doesn’t exist.  

This means children are at grave risk and that haunts me because nobody in any of the institutions that are meant to protect children actually want to do that.

I hope something will change but it’s unlikely.

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