LETTER TO THE EDITOR: These species are destructive

IT was interesting to see the two published photographs in the letters page of the Advertiser.

This bird is an introduced species first seen in London in 1969. It became rapidly established in the south and has since moved quickly all over the country. They are seen fairly frequently in Rotherham and are well established in lots of other towns and cities this far north. They are known to be detrimental to native species and can cause damage to fruits and other crops. Their presence is so serious in some countries that major culling has taken place to control them and it may not be too long before such measures become necessary here. Don’t encourage them.

The other item under the heading “A Friendly Visitor” showed a grey squirrel being hand fed. The grey squirrel is vermin and the very serious problems that it causes are well documented (check it out on Google), costing the Forestry Commission, for example, thousands of pounds a year.

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It can and should be destroyed. Humane traps are available but may need to be installed and monitored by licenced operatives. Because they have a bushy tail they are no better than rats or feral pigeons and you probably wouldn’t feed them. Don’t encourage them.

We have lots of interesting indigenous wildlife; look after that instead.

David E Sotheran

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