LETTER TO THE EDITOR: There must be resignations at top level over CSE failure

INCREASINGLY video clips of comments and interviews with those directly involved and those involved in the support of CSE victims can be seen and heard on YouTube.


Various possibilities are suggested and proposed for the absence of why no one within local authorities has been held to account and to why our young people were simply ignored and thrown under a bus. The main one being that a major political party was simply protecting its ethnic minority vote. This is not merely an apocryphal statement but one that is proposed and fully supported by people involved with the issue.

If this was the major reason and you accept that it was the major reason you must surely be disgusted and offended by this now widely held view.

As residents of this town you cannot justifiably vote as you have done in the past in the next election and at the same time claim to support the victims.

How councillors within a party who claim to have a high degree of moral condemnation of what took place as well as being concerned about child safeguarding issues can continue as councillors and work alongside those known to have taken no action is beyond understanding.  

In my opinion there should be a clamouring for a full independent inquiry into what has taken place across the country and here in Rotherham, with a view to making those in the know at the time accountable for their lack of positive action to put a stop to what was taking place and prosecution of the perpetrators.

Furthermore RMBC are involved in a court case hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice brought by a dedicated campaigner for justice for the victims, due to their failure to respond fully to a Freedom of Information Act Request submitted in February 2017.

No-one has ever succeeded previously in bringing such a charge to such a high court in the land. The appellant is to be commended for their tenancy in this matter. Surely if the council fails and is prosecuted for their failure, there must be senior resignations.

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