LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The worst in living memory

THIS has to be the worst Government in living memory. Not my living memory, but everyone’s.

I’m not just talking about the current incumbent’s lot, but the Tory government of the past couple of years in general.

It really is payback time for the working classes who voted them in.

It is noticeable that Rother Valley MP Alexander Stafford has been a little bit quieter on social media in recent times, presumably because even he has realised how ridiculous and desperate he sounds tweeting away his support for Boris Johnson and then Liz Truss.

Calamity after calamity, the like not seen in the rest of Europe.

Yes, there have been massive external and unexpected forces, but other countries seem to have governments with at least a modicum of intelligence, while this one appears to be updating its policies on a daily basis on the back of a postage stamp.

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