LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The turkeys voted for Christmas

WITH shops now stocking Christmas products and the TV full of festive adverts, I wonder how many local turkeys regret voting for Christmas.

Those in the Rother Valley must feel particularly stupid, not necessarily because Alexander Stafford has done anything to let them down, other than grovel to the various leaders, but because those leaders and their cabinet have completely failed the nation.

Then again, have they? What did people expect? They were always going to protect the wealthy because that’s what they do.

I’m not saying Labour are much cop these days because they’re not, but come on!

People got what they asked for and are now suffering the consequences.

The right to vote was sadly lost on many of these turkeys, who come Christmas, with a plummeting economy and temperature, combined with escalating energy bills, will find themselves out in the cold.

D Brown, Rotherham