LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The stain that will not leave this town

THERE’S a stain hovering over Rotherham. I will admit I do not read it but, there you have it, in the Times a well respected newspaper and then put on the BBC website, no longer so well respected.

No police officer, allegedly and in fact, recorded the ethnicity of suspected or real rapists and abusers up to the big child sexual exploitation scandal.

For PC reasons and I noted at the time, when it was mentioned that the police would round some of them up it sent a clear message of warning and a lot could not be found. They had fled the country of course.

The useless and not needed PCC was not here then but does not appear to have done any more then the predecessor who with cronies covered it up. Our PCC now is one of their time which means he is not likely to wish to uncover stones.

This Labour council with a lot of councillors from that time is a tainted one for abuse, having closed its eyes and ears and denied a lot of it was known.

With regard to PCCs. I do not care what political platform they were elected on. They were another not needed layer of taxpayers’ money. And in any case they should have been elected on ability, not their politics. This is why most of them anywhere are rubbish.

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