LETTER TO THE EDITOR: The end of workers’ rights is nigh

LIZ Truss has now been appointed the new Tory Party leader and subsequently our new Prime Minister.

The expectation of her victory gave rise to Saturday’s Times printing an article with a headline “Truss eyes bonfire of workers rights to boost economy”.

The article went on to list a number of rights she intends to scrap to improve the “competitiveness of the UK economy”.

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Holidays and holiday pay, including bank holidays, the 48-hour working week directive, which will give employers the right to impose any amount of working hours under threat of the sack, tea breaks, and automatically scrapping former EU regulations that protected working people, and all without the need for primary legislation!

This is a blatant attack on the working class and their families by the ruling class; class war!

A government source said that it was “the right time to have a row about workers’ rights"!

With the Labour Party and its MPs in the pockets of the Tories, and the fear of inflation and ever increasing energy prices about to plunge the working people of this country into penury, I can see his point.

Dave Platts, Clifton