LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Thanks for Laura’s costly job at BBC!

AFTER much advanced publicity, it’s finally happened.

But, maybe that’s not an excessive wage. Her boss (a BBC back-room executive) gets £400,000; the governor of the Bank of England rakes in £575,000; even the sacked coach of the incompetent England cricket team got half a million per year; and, of course, a Premier League footballer wouldn’t get out of bed for that trifling amount.

Compare all of that with what we might call key workers. Bus drivers get about £23,000 (one 11th of Laura’s salary). Council care workers have just received a pay increase, funded by us (willingly, in my case) through an increase in the council tax. This takes them to the luxurious wealth of about £1 above the minimum wage, but still not quite to £10-an-hour.

Unfortunately, Laura is not qualified to drive a bus or to be a care worker, so she’s got to find work where she can. The last I heard is that she will present the BBC1 “Sunday Morning” programme. Alas, she’ll have to pass out of my life as the last thing I intend to do is get out of bed, at 9am on a Sunday, to watch yet more political gossip.

On the other hand, bus drivers and care workers are well qualified to stand in front of a television camera, in Downing Street, and tell us nothing of any interest; almost certainly for a lot less than £260,000-a-year.

Goodbye Laura. Thanks for everything.

Rob Slow