LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Switching to rugby

I OFTEN laugh when I read the constant comments from Paul Warne about how his team are all 100 per cent committed to the Millers’ cause.

Is there a footballer on the planet 100pc committed to any cause?

I’m a Rotherham United season ticket holder and an Advertiser reader of 40 years or more and I’ve read this sort of stuff since I was a child.

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I’m not sure I believed a word of it then and I certainly don’t now.

Players are never committed to one club — they may possibly have been back in the day before big money came in from the TV companies, but you always get the feeling when one starts to do well he can’t wait to up sticks and leave.

A bigger club, more money and a better place to live. They all come into the equation.

Our players are no more dedicated or committed than those of any other club.

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It’s just that Paul Warne through his “everything is wonderful at Rotherham United” column is partly paid to promote the club and tell those that pay good money to watch the team week in week out just how dedicated the players are.

I find his column extremely entertaining and one of the best bits of the Advertiser, but often do not recognise his comments or the reports of games as baring much resemblance to anything I or my friends have watched — even when we are playing as well as we have been this season.

Well run team? Yes. A club operating more sensibly than the majority? Probably. A side victim to more poor refereeing decisions than any other? Certainly not. Players nicer than those of other teams? No.

In comparison, the way the Titans (I have picked out Warney as the Millers’ representative as he is the one most quoted) operate appears much more genuine.

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A “well done” to the opposition when they lose, a “decent victory but not quite good enough” when they win, and very rarely playing the blame game.

A lot of it is to do with education and rugby fans are generally from different backgrounds to those who traditionally watch football, but it would be a refreshing change if football (and it’s certainly not just Rotherham United who are guilty of this, it’s all clubs) would operate with a bit more honesty.

I’ve found the past five seasons or so difficult as a fan, largely due to the hype surrounding the game and the over reporting of it and we have been sucked into it like every other club.

The likelihood is that at the end of this season I may just give the Titans a go and switch sports.

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